Create Your Own Customized T-Shirt

While walking across streets one often comes across people wearing T-shirts that immediately grabs your attention. Be it a catchy design or some funny captions. Ever wondered how and where people get eye catching T-shirts from?

T-shirts which are one of the most common casual wear have recently become a fashion statement. With more and more professional designers plunging into T-shirt business, their fashion quotient has been upped by a notch. They are no more just casual clothing in good colors or sizes.

This is one of the reasons why the T shirts Australia business has suddenly gained popularity and many people would want to try their hand at it. One of the greatest advantages nowadays is that having your own business is no more about having your own store and employees etc. Simply set up an online business which is an inexpensive way to start a venture.

How to try your hand at T-shirt designing and T-shirt printing?

With increasing demand for customized T-shirts and non-conventional T-shirts, there is cut throat competition in the field. However, if a person has a clear idea of what they want to try, it becomes easier.

Starting with an Online Store:

Setting up an online store is an easy task if one has an idea about the kind of designs, captions, and types of T-shirts they want to sell; one can simply try any of the ‘app stores’ to help customize the online business.

Building your own brand:

This is the most crucial step of any business. Creating a brand that looks credible is the first challenge. This could be furnished by some great website designing and needs other factors like:

Display: Having the unique options to choose from will attract customers. No one would like to shop for a T-shirt which is extremely common. While different people are looking out for different things in a T-shirt, it is always a good idea to have various options or different niche available for customers to choose from. A good online store could have an array of categories line ‘funny quotes for students, beer lovers, mothers’ etc. Which makes it easier for a customer to browse through and choose what they like

Design: While shopping for T-shirts, customers not just look at unique captions but also check the designing and graphic of the T-shirts too. T-shirts must be designed such that they look attractive and deliver a punch. One could consider hiring a designer to come up with unique attractive designs.

Quality: When someone shops for clothing, apart from the looks, they ensure the quality of the product is worth their money. Nothing lesser than the best will do.

Cost: Though it is a challenge to provide the highest quality at a reasonable price, the finances must always be worked out such that they are not excessively priced.

How to go about T-shirt printing?

There are several methods of printing T-shirts, each different from the other in terms of advantages and disadvantages. Let us consider some T-shirt printing options:

Screen Prints: This is a traditional method and still works best while designing simple T-shirts. Setting up a screen printing mechanism is expensive and cumbersome. However once done, the T-shirt prints are always of excellent quality and last long. However, they have certain disadvantages like; making individual pieces is a challenge with them. Also, this style is best for T-shirts with simple designing and fewer colors.

Printing via Heat Transfer: This method is best for designing T-shirts on your computer and transferring the design on your iron. But it isn’t a feasible option while considering this as a printing option for a business. Since buying a ‘heat press machine’ is expensive and the quality of the prints is usually not very good. But the advantage of this option is that it is easy to print individual T-shirts on this.

Direct to Garment: This is one of the most popular styles of T-shirt printing. It works pretty much like a printer, which directly prints on the T-shirt itself. It has great accuracy and precision and also works best in case of complex designs or more colors. The quality of the prints is also good. One of the biggest advantages this has is that it makes individual designing possible.

This inevitable is a disadvantage in terms of bulk orders, as the time taken to print each T-shirt is the same and there is also no cost wise advantage as well. With increasing trends in the T-shirt world, having customized t-shirts is considered one of the coolest fashion statements. This inevitably opens great business opportunities in the T-shirt printing business.

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